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Winner of
England Women VS India Women (Final)
1st -
The King sunil bishnoi
₹ 50
2nd -
The Warrior Nitish Kumar
₹ 40
3rd -
The Defender Nandanisushil Arora
₹ 30
4th -
The Soldier Naveen sharma
₹ 10
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Welcome to Guru Of Match !

Having a dream of your own cricket team? If yes, then Guru Of Match is the right place for you. Guru Of Match is India’s first website of its kind that makes your dream of owning a cricket team into reality; however virtually, comprising of your favorite cricket players. The website allows you to create your own team and buy players using provided points. In addition, you can play matches with other available teams and earn reward points. Moreover, the Guru Of Match website allows your updates to be shared on networking sites, such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Regardless of the result, whether you win or lose the match, you are rewarded with the badges that can be shared on your networking profiles. In addition, if your team is in top 5, it will be displayed on Guru Of Match websites’ WALL OF FAME.

1. You can create your own team by selecting players from a long list of international and national players. This online version of the game is based on the most popular twenty-twenty format.

2. Being owner of the team apart from playing matches and earning points you can also manage other aspects of the game. In other words, Guru Of Match truly makes you the boss in every sense.

3. You can choose from wide list of players and your virtual cricket team can comprise of national as well as international players that are available in the list. This online virtual cricket is based on the twenty-twenty format. Being the owner of the team, apart from playing matches with other teams, you can manage your team depending on the requirement.

4. That’s not end of the story, apart from beating your opponents, you can also win a recharge for your registered mobile number of up to Rs 50.

5. All this comes for free; you don’t need to pay money for anything. Signup for free and become the Guru Of Match . We aim to bring you the best in the online gaming. Have fun and hope you visit us again!

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