Can we choose any player from both the teams?

Yes, you can choose any player from both the teams.

Will we create teams for every match?

Yes, you have to create a new team for every match.

How can i increase my points?

You can increase your points by sending invitation to your friends. You will get 30 points for each friend request. To invite your friend please go to my dashboard -> invite your friends.

If more than one user will get same points then who will be the winner?

The user who created his/her team first will be the winner

How we get points?

You will get points for your selected players as follow:


  • Per run 20 points
  • Per wicket 400 points

For T-20

  • Per run 30 points
  • Per wicket 600 points

What is the time limit for creating a team?

You can create your team upto 10 minutes from match start. For example if the match will start 2:30 PM then you can create your team till 2:40 PM.

How i can contact you?

You can contact us from here