Match Prizes

1st Prize


Win Rs 50 Recharge

2nd Prize


Win Rs 40 Recharge

3rd Prize


Win Rs 30 Recharge

4th Prize


Win Rs 10 Recharge

How to win Match Prizes :

If your team will lies in top 4 postion then you will get a mobile recharge.

Tournament Prizes

1st Prize

2 Movie Ticket

2nd Prize


3rd Prize

Tea Cup

4th Prize

Key Chain

How to win Tournament Prizes :

Every 1st positon team (winner team) will get 10000 Coins for each match and 2nd position team will get 9990 Coins and so on... Your all gained Coins will add in to the tornament Coins. Top 4 player of the tornament (whose team gained maximam Coins in whole T20 tornament) will be winner of the tornament.

Redeem Prizes

You will get Rs 10 Recharge for every 100000 Points

How to Redeem:

If you have more then 105000 points then you are eligible for the redeem points. You can redeem minimum 100000 points. You will get Rs 10 recharge for every 100000 points.